Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 – Amazing Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Icing

As week two of 2011 was drawing to a close I made sure to get my second cake into the oven. What I am beginning to realize is that there are so many recipes and just not enough time! I find myself spending hours on the computer these days just searching for my next recipe. (I am pretty sure that I have enough work cut out for me to get me through the summer at this point!) Week 2’s inspiration came from I Am Baker, a yummy blog that I read. The post I read was titled, “The Best Chocolate Cake Ever.”

How could I go wrong? The most exciting component of this recipe was the fact that it called for a full cup of freshly brewed hot coffee. That right there made it the perfect choice for me! Well…the cake was scrumptious. Hands down – my new “go to” chocolate cake.

I used Magnolia’s Vanilla Buttercream Frosting that I also found on I Am Baker’s blog. The buttercream was very good AND very sweet – but that’s what you get for using 10 cups of confectioners sugar! I will definitely use this buttercream again. This frosting did contain a lot of air bubbles when I was spreading it out though. It was also quite soft when I was using it to decorate. In the future I would chose wider, less intricate tips. If you are wondering why it looks so busy, I can explain. I’ve never really fiddled with all the lovely icing tips that I have. One of I Am Baker's blog posts had a little tutorial on decorating and it made me just want to try everything! (Please keep in mind that I have difficulty drawing a stick figure!) And as far as deciding on blue was concerned…it is blue month at my son’s school – so I just went with it!

While my goal is to bake one cake per week for the entire year, I have quickly come to the realization that I cannot eat 52 cakes all by myself! That little tidbit works out great for my friends and family. I can pretty much guarantee that any time you see me throughout the next 12 months that I will have yummy goodness to share with you. So, not only do I have a goal for 2011…I have the ability to share delightful treats with you each and every single week!

Last night I had the good fortune to share this cake with my friend Natalie and her kids. While I’m sure she thought I was nuts for taking pictures of the cake at her house – a good time was had while digging into this tasty dessert!


  1. I really enjoyed the cake! Thank you for leaving me with such a generous slab! I didn't share ANY of it with my family. It certainly didn't help with my resolution to get back on a diet in 2011......

  2. Looks totally delicious! Shaun made one very similar (with the coffee too) for my birthday this year...I had decided it would be my new favorite chocolate cake, but now it looks like this one might have to go on the list too. You should take your blog "on the road", and try a new cake with me when you visit! :)


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