Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year...of CAKES!

It seems that this year, more so than ever, everyone is talking about New Year Resolutions. I must say that in the past I haven't given them much thought. So why not kick off 2011 with what I do believe may be my very first New Year Resolution! I have decided to try and attempt baking one cake each week until the end of the year. 52 cakes sounds so excitingly delicious. I don't know where my inspiration will come from as I embark on this cake baking adventure. What I do know is that I'm willing to try anything and everything. Perhaps I may make the same cake more than once in order to perfect a technique. Maybe I will make one again because it was so yummy! Only time will tell. I hope that who ever does read this blog enjoys the little journey I'm about to take in my kitchen. Happy New Year!

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