Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 5 - Whoopie Pies


Can you believe it’s week five already?  In fact, in a few short hours, we’ll be on to week six!  Where did January go?  My plans for week five took a little turn when my son ended up getting a cold and thus we were unable to go visit Two Cupcakes in my Kitchen, aka Aunt Emily and her crew.  :(  A rain check does exist however, so stay tuned for that fun.

Earlier in the week, Aidan and I baked up some yummy Whoopie Pies.  They were super easy to bake.  I had never made them before and now that I can guarantee that there will be more in our future!  Why they are called Whoopie “PIES” though, I don’t know.  It’s more like a dollop of marshmallowy goodness smooshed between two cakes.  A Cake Sandwich if you will.  

I found this recipe in the February 2011 issue of Family Fun Magazine.  As soon as I saw them pictured in the magazine, I just had to have them.  

Well, ours didn’t look exactly the same, but I truly did have a little helper with me.  Aidan was so excited to use the ice cream scoop in the batter.  Just look at the globs he made!

Our cakes seem to be much larger than what they were supposed to be, but who cares, we had fun!  Next time I’ll be sure to use a smaller scoop.
This recipe called for Marshmallow Fluff…don’t remember the last time I bought that stuff.  Made me want to have a Fluffernutter Sandwich and I don’t even like those!  

My only complaint was that while the Whoopie Pies were great the first night we baked them, the next day the cake part was a little sticky.  Like when you held it with your fingers the chocolaty cake got stuck on them, forcing you to lick them clean. If only all my problems were so simple!

Ultimately, these were great treats that I was happy to have given to one of my friends.  After spending days stuck in the house with a sick kid, inevitably I would have consumed the entire batch!  Thanks Rachel…for helping my waistline!

If you are interested in making these…and I suggest that you do…click here!

I also made a Marbled Loaf Cake this week…post to follow shortly.

As for week six…well, you all know tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, so you’ll just have to wait to find out!


  1. Hey Robin,

    Uncle Shaun here reading over Aunt Emily's shoulder. As a former New England resident (and resident expert in Dunkin' Donuts), I feel duty bound to inform you that the Maine legislature is introducing a bill to make the Whoopie Pie the official state dessert. (There is historical evidence that the Whoopie Pie originated in Maine). Opponents of the bill have instead proposed the Wild Blueberry pie (as Maine is one of the nations chief producers of blueberries). Just figured I'd pass that one on in case it comes up while you're a contestant on Jeopardy. I'll keep you posted on this nail-biter. -Shaun

  2. Um, I had nothing to do with your last posted comment. I refuse to be held responsible for anything my husband says past 8pm!
    Nice whoopie pies! In our house, you can't say "whoopie pie" unless you're willing to put a little extra flair into the pronunciation. I know, we're strange :) Looking forward to our rescheduled baking session!


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